Earned a Ph.D. in Sport Sciences from Claude Bernard University - Lyon 1 / France. A performance  & sport consultant with a passion to inspire and motivate people to take a step toward feeling better in body & mind.

An accomplished and result driven professional with 10+ years of impressive experience in providing  sports coaching and advisory mainly Aquatics, possessing allied proficiency in rendering International high quality sport events organization for reputed entities in the region.

I have a University Diploma in Sports Management from Claude Bernard University - Lyon 1 / France and more than 10 years as a professional athlete (As a swimmer & Water Polo Player). I have always planned to transition from being on the field to managing teams from behind a desk.

Since 2012, a  performance analyst & scientist  with Qatar Swimming Association, holding also a  Master's of Sciences & Techniques of Physical and Sporting Activities , as well as a Swimming Coach certificate (Second Degree).

Besides my role with Qatar National Teams, I have a role as an Operations Manager during International Events organized in Doha (FINA Events, Local or Regional events). My responsibilities included managing the event staff, coordinating the details of the event, conferences, hiring and training new staff, participating in organizing the event services and assuring the needs of the participating teams or athletes.


My past experience allowed me to become proficient in a number of useful forms of training, research and technology. In addition, I have developed fascinating lessons plan for teaching and coaching students, staff member as well as kids and how to implement these programs effectively and efficiently. I am passionate about what i do and its effect to accomplish success.


One of my greatest strengths is maintaining a well-organized plan to attend my goals. I also possess exceptional communication, interpersonal, and problem solving skills enabling me to collaborate with a diverse group of individuals and resolve issues, technical or otherwise in a prompt manner. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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