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Maximize Your Sport Potential with Expert Guidance


A Global Perspective

Leveraging a wealth of experience across continents as an athlete, coach, and now a leading expert, I offer a unique perspective on aquatic sports


From the pinnacle of aquatics – the World Championships – to the thrill of open water competition and the beachside energy of the ANOC Games, I've orchestrated major international events across the globe. My experience even extends beyond the pool, having played a role in the mega-event that is the FIFA World Cup 2022

Organizing Mega Sport Events

 TV | University | Author

I bring my knowledge to life as a TV commentator and analyst. In the classroom, I share my expertise as a university lecturer. And beyond the spoken word, I've penned numerous sports books and articles, further enriching the world of aquatics through the power of the written word.

Working with BeinSport in TV


Interactive Workshops & Expert Coaching

Our interactive workshops and personalized coaching programs offer a dynamic learning experience.Receive tailored guidance through private coaching sessions

Interactive workshops


These workshops are perfect for athletes, coaches, and anyone passionate about maximizing aquatic performance. Leave equipped with actionable strategies and a deeper understanding of the factors that drive success in the water.


Our private coaching program is an invitation to greatness. We take a limited number of dedicated individuals on a personalized journey towards aquatic mastery.

Swimming Open Water
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