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If it was easy everyone could've done it!

Everyone wants to be someone, have something or live that dream


Not everyone can be that person, have that something or even live that dream


Simply coz if it was easy everyone could've done it!

if it was easy everyone could've been at the top and live that dream.

We Homo sapiens, don't want to put that effort, don't want to get through that process or even try to give it a chance.

We submit to our negative thinking, laziness and our present joy. We sacrifice our future for our temporary pleasure, we sacrifice our present desires for our future aspirations.

Our brain is our ally and enemy at the same time. It is created to protect us from any but at the same time push us beyond limits. We need to teach it, enrich it and feed it with our ambitions and cravings.

We love our comfortable state, our easy process and our painless routine but don't we get tired of being stuck, don't we get tired of not being who we want to be, having what we want to have or living the way we want to live.

Successful people are not the same: they do sacrifices, they wake up before anyone, they do what others don't do, they run when everyone is standing, they fall standing and continue gridding. They know the secret, they know the way.

People don't understand that after the rain there is a rainbow, after the storm there is calm and after the pain there is peace. It is all about your attitude, it is all about what you want and what are you capable of doing for yourself.

Who cares about pessimist or optimist, who cares about what others think, who cares about how long it will take, just believe it and never give up on that person you want to be, the something you want to have or the dream you want to live.

JUST NEVER GIVE UP and you will have your rainbow, your calm and your peace!


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